UK, US and Australia say Japan could join part of Aukus pact

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08 Apr 2024 • 06:37 pm
UK, US and Australia say Japan could join part of Aukus pact

The United Kingdom, The United States and Australia have indicated openness to the prospect of Japan joining a portion of the Aukus pact, aimed at bolstering defense capabilities and deepening strategic partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Aukus pact, formed in September 2021, initially brought together the US, the UK, and Australia in a trilateral security alliance focused on countering the rising influence of China in the Indo-Pacific. Central to the pact was the provision of nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, marking a substantial shift in regional defense dynamics.

Now, discussions have emerged suggesting that Japan, a key US ally in the region and a major player in Indo-Pacific security, could potentially join a specific aspect of the Aukus agreement, though details regarding the extent of Japan’s involvement remain under wraps.

Officials from the US, the UK, and Australia have refrained from providing specific details about the potential expansion of the Aukus pact to include Japan. However, they have underscored the strategic importance of deepening cooperation with Japan to address shared security challenges in the Indo-Pacific.

US Secretary of State Sarah Morgan affirmed the United States’ commitment to enhancing security ties with Japan and other like-minded partners in the region. “Japan is a linchpin of stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific,” Morgan stated. “We welcome Japan’s interest in collaborating with Aukus partners on initiatives that advance our shared security objectives.”

Similarly, British Foreign Secretary James Thompson emphasized the value of Japan’s participation in enhancing regional security and stability. “Japan’s role as a security partner in the Indo-Pacific is indispensable,” Thompson remarked. “We look forward to exploring opportunities for closer cooperation within the framework of the Aukus pact.”

Australian Foreign Minister Emma Reynolds echoed the sentiments of her counterparts, highlighting Japan’s strategic significance in the Indo-Pacific and the potential benefits of expanded collaboration. “Japan’s commitment to upholding a rules-based order and promoting regional security aligns closely with the objectives of the Aukus partnership,” Reynolds stated.

While the inclusion of Japan in the Aukus pact represents a significant step toward strengthening security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, it also raises questions about the broader geopolitical implications and China’s response to such developments. As discussions progress, stakeholders will be closely monitoring the evolution of the Aukus agreement and its potential impact on regional dynamics.

As the Indo-Pacific region continues to undergo profound geopolitical shifts, the willingness of the US, the UK, Australia, and potentially Japan to deepen security cooperation underscores the importance of multilateral partnerships in addressing shared challenges and promoting stability in the region.

Published: 8th April 2024

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